Archeologists Discover Sarcastic Cave Woman

Archaeologists, from the university of life, have uncovered the remains of a brilliantly preserved woman. Whilst the age and level of preservation have the scientific community excited, it’s the sarcastic look on her face that’s got them really pumped.

The leader of the expedition Francesca Baldicoot issued a press release. “We believe the woman to be about 8,000 years old. She is without a doubt the earliest example of sarcasm ever discovered. We can, at this time, only speculate as to the purpose of the sarcastic look on her face. Though it’s highly likely it was aimed at a male spouse, partner or husband like creature. Obviously, it could equally have been for her children. Perhaps they asked her to make cauliflower cheese, at the exact moment she’d started washing animal skins and giving birth. If we can find the rest of the family we could clear up this mystery.”


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