There’s Less to Life Than This

Anti-social media is the new social media. Steve Treadmill is the creator.

After numerous attempts to contact Steve he finally returned our call.

“I’m over it.” Steve begins. “I don’t care what restaurant, bar, theatre, bus or train you’ve just checked into. Couldn’t give a toss if you’ve got fifteen thousand friends. Social media’s been done to death. It’s time for anti-social media.

I’ve started a site called ‘feet-up.’ It’s modelled on the community site called ‘let’s meet up.’ Except we’re going after the apathetic market. It’s a market that’s traditionally been ignored.

When you join a group on ‘feet-up’ you’ll be invited to events. If you want to not hang out with like minded people, simply click ‘yes I’m not attending,’ If you click ‘no I am attending.’ You can miss out if you want too.

Once the events over, those who committed to not attending will be allowed to write about their experience. You know the kind of thing. ‘Had an amazing day today. Didn’t go to the Monkey Bar on the Yellow Brick Road. Didn’t meet some fantastic people. Didn’t have a good drink and a laugh. What a great bunch. Thanks to everyone for not showing up and making this the best non-event I’ve not been to this year. Look forward to not seeing you again next time.”


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