Harry Jackson has been called a writer. But prefers to think of himself as a wronger, not to be confused with a ‘wrong’un.’ A ‘wrong’un is a dishonest and unscrupulous person. Or a bowled cricket ball that looks as if it’s going to break one way, but actually breaks in the opposite direction.

Here’s some stuff people have said about Harry Jackson.

“A genetically derived non conformist for the opposite of whatever the masses is. He always orders the Dosa.” Local Indian takeaway owner Nitin from ‘Nitin’s Kneadle’ (hand made naan a speciality.)

“Harry’s not afraid to tell it like it ain’t. He definitely thinks he’s funnier than he is. He doesn’t let me read his articles before they’re published anymore. Which is a bit sad.” Harry’s wife ‘the shamanic fairy hunter.’

I had such high hopes for him. Still as long as he’s happy I suppose that’s the main thing. Actually he’s not very happy which is why he comes here I guess.” Harry’s emotional focused therapist (who’s focused on his own emotions, not his clients.)

“He’s no son of mine.” Bob Marley.

“Harry thought ‘The Daily Mash’ was a cafe that specialized in mashed potatoes. Idiot!” Harry’s agent.


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