The Real Batman

Published Northsider May 2016

We’ve been looking to buy a house and seen one in the North Coburg enclave of Batman. What a great name. Surely it must be named after the great DC Comic character? To my disappointment, it isn’t. But it is named after a man. Continue reading →


A Sheep in Sports Clothing

Published Northsider April 2016

After three seasons in goal for the mighty Eagles, my daughter has decided that she’s not playing football this season. It’s been replaced with fishing. One sport for another. But is fishing a sport, and who decides? Continue reading →

New Years Camping Revelations

Published February 18, 2016

Last New Year I went ‘bush, down under.’ That could mean a couple of things. But in this instance, it means I went camping in the Australian countryside with my partner. We chose to stay at Bear Gully Campground, which is situated in the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park. Continue reading →

There’s Less to Life Than This

Anti-social media is the new social media. Steve Treadmill is the creator.

After numerous attempts to contact Steve he finally returned our call.

“I’m over it.” Steve begins. “I don’t care what restaurant, bar, theatre, bus or train you’ve just checked into. Couldn’t give a toss if you’ve got fifteen thousand friends. Social media’s been done to death. It’s time for anti-social media. Continue reading →